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Nebraska Transport Company

Nebraska Transport Company is your premier midwest regional LTL carrier with nationwide capabilites.

NTC has strong roots in Customer Service

Since 1973, when Nebraska Transport Company started with one truck and one man’s desire to make his trucking company more customer-friendly than the competition, we’ve stuck by that vision and grown into the team of professionals we are today. Our story is an exceptional one, just like the service we strive to provide for each and every shipment.  Here at NTC, we’re committed to the customers we serve and to the people we have serving our customers. It’s our dedication to our employees that leads them to be dedicated to our customers. We are a team that wants to serve our customers as well as our community because we know that the success of each depends on the other. As you look at our service area as well as our value-added services, it’s easy to see how our team ranks among the best in the industry. Thank you for choosing NTC … we look forward to serving you.

Nebraska Transport Company Reports Achievements of Partnerships with DDC FPO, AAA Cooper Transportation and Zonar Systems

Nebraska Transport Company (NTC), a premier regional LTL carrier, today announced recent developments in business operations to benefit its customers' profitability, including partnerships with DDC FPO, AAA Cooper Transportation and Zonar Systems.

Prior to joining the top U.S. carriers served by DDC FPO's billing program, NTC had a monthly turnover rate of approximately 20-30% with a training cost of nearly $5,000 per biller. The turn- around time was not consistent and errors were causing tangible issues in customer service.

Since the rollout of the back office initiative with DDC, the production window has shortened, resources are constant and accuracy has improved from 77 to 99.5 percent. NTC has experienced an increase in its client base in both LTL and TL divisions as a result of the time and quality improvements.

NTC has also begun working with AAA Cooper Transportation (AAA) to establish a network that would allow both companies' customers to move freight seamlessly in and out of the Southeast and the Midwest.

"Our systems communicate through APIs with one another so that our customers are able to track their shipment from the time of pickup to the time that it arrives at their customer's door," said Phil Holliday, executive vice president of sales for NTC. "Our focus is to make this a cost-effective option for our customers while being able to offer a quicker transit time with the service levels that can be expected from AAA Cooper and NTC."

So far, NTC's customers are reportedly pleased with the collaboration's performance.

In-line with its approach to process improvement, NTC recently added the technology of Zonar Systems to its trucks. Zonar will act as NTC's electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) and will provide paperless logs moving forward.

Holliday explained: "With the mandate from the government that will require EOBR in trucks at the end of 2017, we wanted to be on the forefront. We want our drivers to be confident that they are properly trained and equipped well ahead of the deadline."

Zonar allows NTC to conduct pre- and post-trip inspections. If the driver comes across a defect while performing the inspection, that information is sent immediately so that the issue may be fixed.

"It has opened the lines of communication between our drivers and our shop personnel, and it has also helped us focus on eliminating Out of Service violations,." added Holliday.

About Nebraska Transport Company:

Headquartered in Gering, Nebraska, Nebraska Transport Company (NTC) provides quality overnight freight service to and from points within its service area, utilizing interline carriers to make connections to and from anywhere in the United States and Canada. In dedication to the founding spirit and core values that the company was built on in 1973, NTC promises to operate only top quality equipment and employ the finest people available. To learn more, visit:

About DDC FPO:

DDC FPO is a division of The DDC Group, a worldwide network of BPO experts and solutions. With operations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, DDC's 3,500-strong staff delivers services in over 40 languages with ahead-of-the-curve industry standards. DDC FPO's customized solutions currently process 20% of all LTL bills in the United States and equip each DDC client with long-term cost containment and profitability. For more information, visit:

NTC would like to share with you our core values. These values that we hold dear, have been a part of our culture at NTC for 40 years. However, we have recently decided that we needed to share our core values with internal and external customers. We are pleased to share with you the 7 core values that make NTC who we are.Click here to see a detailed list of NTC's Core Values.